Dr. Z Bundle – Lilia Diffuser, Key Chain Case, the Biblical Wrap, and Aromaclay

Enjoy two of my personal favorites for living the abundant life, the beautiful Maya Diffuser and the Biblical Verse Wrap… purchase together and save 10%!

Bible Inspiration Collection Aromatherpy Wrap

Aroma Wrap was born out of inspiration from above, so it is only fitting to introduce our Inspiration Collection! Aroma Wrap now offers personalized pockets with words that will encourage you and strengthen your faith. These wraps are the perfect choice for a unique gift that will have family and friends talking!


You asked for it, we delivered! Aroma Wrap’s newest sensation, our Signature Series. This sleeker “scarf like” version is great for those on the go. As functional and stylish as you are, whether it is worn at the office, gym, or home, enjoy! Don’t see where you can still enjoy your essential oils? Look closer, those beautiful logo’s serve as pockets for you to slip in your scented cotton rounds and experience the oils of your choosing.

4 Separate natural herb and grain filled inner chambers which allows for complete coverage of the aching and tense muscle relief areas in neck and shoulders….(if you don’t care about this benefit, you could opt to put rice in an old smelly tube sock and create your own neck wrap….smile).

Elastic strap pass thru to secure product around neck (this will free up both hands so you can have the luxury of the remote in one hand and chips in the other…now that is real living)!

Sleek and Fashionable Design weighing just over 1lb. (tip: set an alert on phone to remind you it is still on your neck before stepping into shower).

3 color combinations to choose from (if this is not enough, go now and eat rainbow sherbet, get your fill, come back later to site and order your favorite of the 3 colors…really, don’t leave..smile).

Great heat retention (30 minutes plus) per 60 seconds in microwave. (Usually sitcoms are half hour, so you should be happy here).

Super affordable (tip: use your extra savings to stock up on additional essential oils, we won’t mind)!

Same natural herbs and grains found in our Luxury Line (just a bit smaller portions).

Use as a heated or cooled wrap (all seasons of enjoyment and refreshment). Simply microwave when seeking the moist heat benefit and place in freezer for a soothing cool down experience.

In addition to your wrap, Aroma Wrap is hand picking 3 Aroma Pax (20 drops of pure essential oil in each) and also including 2 cotton rounds. NOTE: 3 scents of trial packs may vary from those shown in photo on site, based on in stock availability.

Great gift idea for any occasion.


LILIA Black Matte Rubberized Plastic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

LILIA | Black Matte Rubberized Plastic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser | Cool Mist Ultrasonic | 200ml Capacity and Safety Auto-Shut Off Feature | LED Color Spectrum Lighting


Press Once to start the diffusion in continous mode at the highest diffusion volume of 30ml/hour
Press Twice to start diffusion for 60 minutes then OFF
Press A Third Time for intermittent diffusion - 30 sec ON / 30 sec OFF for 120 minutes then OFF
Press A Fourth Time to switch the diffuser OFF

Press Once to turn the LED ON
Press Twice to turn the LED OFF

Press Once for Medium Volume at 22ml/hour
Press Twice for Low Volume at 15ml/hour
Press A Third Time for High Volume at 30ml/hour


> 200ML WATER TANK with safety Auto Shut-Off feature when unit runs out of water

> LED COLOR SPECTRUM WITH OVER 14 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM Watch as the LILIA changes through the colors of the rainbow, or you may choose for the diffuser to stay on one color continously. You may even choose to turn the light off while continuing to diffuse!

> 8 to 10 HOUR CONTINOUS DIFFUSION on one tank of water

> EASY TO FILL just remove the top carefully, fill with water and replace the top

> DIMESIONS 5.4" Diameter x 8" Tall; 1000 SQ FT COVERAGE perfect for any room in the house, kitchen, bathroom, office and bedroom

> 1 YEAR WARRANTY with the option to upgrade to a two year plan if you wish

Input Power Supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output Power Supply: DC 24V 500mA
Ceramic Disc Lifespan: +/- 3,000 Hours
Dimensions: 5.4" in Diameter 8" Tall

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Keychain Oil Case & 10 sample vials - Neoprene

Keychain Oil Case.

Includes and holds 10 bottles 5/8 (2ml) in size. Neoprene material with full zipper.

Use the included metal clip to secure it to any bag or loop.

Color Choices: Purple, Black, Fuchsia, Turquoise

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