Doggie – Aroma Pets Pillow – Aromatherapy, Night Light, Comfort

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Extremely high quality, very plush and soft, safe for kids & one of a kind!


16″ x 18″ x 4″ in size

Includes 5 Aroma Pads (more available in packs of 5)

Requires 3 AA batteries NOT INCLUDED

* Add 2-3 Drops of your favorite Essential Oil to the included pad and simply insert into the specially designed pocket.

* Place 3 AA batteries into the power pack. Then press the tab for an array of LED lights.

* If your pillow pet has the option to stand-up, use the strap to fold and velcro into place.

Finally, a smelly pet you can enjoy!

NOTE – These pillows have a 90 day warranty that covers the light system.

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